In retail, interaction with the customer is everything. Traditionally retailers have aimed to lock in long leases to secure premium space at a fixed rate. 10-50 yearslease time is not uncommon on the high street. Unfortunately 1 in 10 stores are closed, and long lease agreements makes it difficult for brands to commit to the space quickly.

That is where Nomadic Retail, or temporary retail in a transient location often referred to as a Pop up comes in giving a home in space that is waiting for the permanent tenant.

Some of the best examples are putting together rapid brand takeovers, creating the space in a few days, and through Instagram-worthy experiences creating buzz and attention.

While flash sales and discount pop-ups have always been around and are known to be a good way to move last season’s stock – the new trend in popups is actually more of a premium experience such as giving the customers access to new see and touch pre-launch products or hosting a yoga course or town hall discussion.It is not only great PR, it is a chance to surprise and overwhelm existing customers and be discovered by new customers – by going out and being where they are.It’s a true game changer.