Half the fun of pop-ups for consumers is their apparent spontaneity, but making the appearance of a whole physical store look easy takes some serious work behind the scenes. We’ve got 6 tips today to help make sure your project goes without a hitch.

1. Marketing is key

Using social media to test your store with relevant groups, build hype. Sharing important event info is just as important as traditional advertising these days. Check out our guide for more on this!

2. Have a test run

Or more than one! When you’ve only got a store for a limited amount of time, you want to make sure everything runs smoothly from the very beginning. If possible, role play the whole transaction process, imagining ways in which customers could make different requests and how things could go wrong. Iron out any issues that arise.

3. Share your brand

Turn spontaneous shoppers into loyal repeat customers by putting your site’s URL everywhere you can in store, from the walls to the receipt-rolls. A fun idea is to hand out stickers with your brand’s site on it.  

4. Avoid queues

Even though it seems like a good thing to have people queuing for your products, no one wants to be lined up at a checkout for hours. Use a cloud-based POS system and give your staff tablets to complete sales around the store.

5. Hotspot

Wifi can’t always be relied upon, and you don’t want to have to change to cash-only sales if the card machine can’t connect. Bring your own 4G device or hotspot from your phone, if you can.

6. Enjoy it!

Chances are you’ve put blood, sweat and many tears into your business over time, so make sure you enjoy seeing it come into the physical world! When you’re having fun and are enthusiastic about your brand, everyone else will be too!