Pop-up stores are a great way to generate buzz around your brand, boost sales and really have fun with what you love. What’s more, if you follow our tips they’re straight forward to set up!

  • Set your aims – it’s always easier to reach a goal when you know exactly what it is you’re striving for. Are you looking to bolster sales, find new customers or create hype around your next collection? Decide, and then keep your goal in sight at all times.
  • Establish boundaries – make sure you know how much you can spend and have a well-planned schedule. Pop-ups may look effortless to the customer but leaving things to chance in the back office can lead to disaster.
  • Find your home – every brand needs a different space, so you’ve got to decide whether you’re looking for a white-box gallery or a shopping mall storefront. You also need to think about location, and find the neighbourhood your customers are most likely to frequent.
  • Design your store – with your main goal in sight. 90% of customers turn right when they enter a store, so if you’re looking to boost profits, that’s where you big money items should be. A rigid pathway like Ikea or Flying Tiger is great if you want sales, but a more relaxed layout might be better for customer engagement.
  • Sort the logistics – less exciting, but just as important. All the back-end stuff should be seamless to maximise success, meaning you need a way to track inventory, sales and engagement. You’ll also need a tight security plan. Try to sort all of these things before you even get to the retail space, so that everything is as easy as possible upon launch.