Forgetting the paperwork

It’s not the most exciting part of a pop-up venture, but remembering to file for the appropriate permits and licenses can be the difference between a pop-up success and a total shut down. Get in touch with your relevant local authorities to find out what you need for your events.

Ignoring location and timing

Don’t underestimate the impact that time and place can have on your footfall and profits. Think about where your customers are most likely to shop, and consider any big events in the area that are likely to draw in the crowds.

Getting carried away with your budget

If you’re hoping to see decent profits from your pop-up venture, don’t get carried away with things like expensive design and bonus experiences. There are plenty of ways to make pop-ups memorable without going all-out on the finance front.

Meagre marketing

Pop-up stores are a great marketing device in their own right, but they need a push to become successful themselves. Create an online marketing campaign, but don’t neglect offline techniques such as leafleting and posters in the area where you’ll be popping up.