3 Pros of Short-term Rentals - for Both Landlords and Brands

Deloitte 2021 Commercial Real Estate Outlook pointed out that 61% of the retail industry will decrease leasing demand for over 18 months rentals. Short-term CRE rental like popup stores is becoming an increasingly popular choice for both landlords and brands. We have shortened 3 benefits of #shorttermrental respectively.

According to Deloitte 2021 Commercial Real Estate Outlook, 61% of retail industry will decrease leasing demand of over 18 months rentals. Therefore, short-term rentals like PopUp stores have become a more and more popular physical retail choice. We have concluded pros of short-term rentals for both landlords and brands.

Colorama Popup store with xNomad | Photo: xNomad

For landlords

  1. Speed up the Cash-on-Cash Return(COC). Popup store can stop the income stagnation and bring in more cash flow, which can be highly beneficial of COC
  2. Increase Net Operating Income(NOI). With our move-in-ready furniture package, landlords can cut down expenses and generate more NOI, which can bring higher property value.
  3. Pop up stores in the prime location can stimulate footfall and attract targeted consumer group.

Voi "Pimp my helmet" Popup event with us | Photo: xNomad

For brands:

  1. Visibility booster. If you have lost your physical retail store due to pandemic, Pop Up store should be your first choice to back in battle.
  2. Low-risk investment. Since pop-up shops are temporary, the level of investment is significantly lower than it is for traditional retail.
  3. Test tool. If you don't have large reserves of capital to invest on a store location, PopUp model is the perfect way to test your business concept and market

Hedvig Popup store with xNomad

However, challenges still exist that landlords can't ensure the constant flow of matching brands, and brands normally don't have energy and time to search for vacant spaces.

An easy platform for CRE match and find is in urgent need. That's why xNomad is here for both landlords and brands. Now you only need to upload your spaces and requests, xNomad can do the rest.